Latest VW Wants to Give You California Love

The Volkswagen California knows how to party. They keep it rockin, campsite rockin. Now a refreshed version gets a new nose and the inside gets digital controls to add some California love.

It’s the California 6.1 The Volkswagen named for a state where you can’t buy one. It’s the most popular camper van ever, VW says. This refreshed sixth-gen version gets a new nose. It’s sharper, with a multi-bar grille that’s more like the rest of VW’s lineup. With a bigger air intake to help feed and cool more powerful engines.

Inside, VW has loaded the California with camping features. The kitchen’s been enhanced with a new double USB port. Like any home makeover, they’ve replaced the hardware on the cabinet doors. No shiplap, though. Sorry, Joanna Gaines. Shutters are replaced by cupboard doors, and the wood grains have been revised to be more modern.

Volkswagen’s made the beds comfier, too. The bed in the roof gets a box spring, and the double rear bench-seat bed turns into a chaise lounge too. Darker curtains and roof sides keep the light out, letting you sleep in a bit later. When it’s time to rise, a sunshine feature slowly raises the LED lights to wake you more naturally.

All the cabin features are controlled through a new panel in the roof-mounted console. A full-color touchscreen with way more functions. Push the screen for camping mode, to change the lights, or even control the fridge. The display lets you know if you’re level on your side, as well.

The cockpit gets the VW virtual cockpit display. With a 9.2-inch nav system optional. Driver aids like lane assist and park assist are new on the updated model.

The new California 6.1 will debut at the end of the month. In the citayyyyy, city of Dusseldorf. Meanwhile, enjoy these clearly-staged press photos that show a happy family camping in sunny weather. Which we’re not sure has ever happened anywhere. Other than maybe California.

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