Last-ever Aventador Ultimae pays homage to Miura

One-off Miura drop top celebrated almost 55 years after its reveal

By Matt Bird / Thursday, 13 October 2022 / Loading comments

Now it all makes sense. When the final Aventador LP7804 Ultimae was shown to the world a couple of weeks ago, it was without much ceremony; the most we saw of the car was rolling down a dimly lit Sant’Agata production line. Turns out, of course, that Lamborghini had much grander plans for it, and the car was even more significant than the last purely V12 Lambo.

The 250th Ultimae Roadster is a tribute car, paying homage to a one-off Miura Roadster concept shown by Bertone at the 1968 Brussels show. As you might expect from both a drop-top Miura and an Aventador homage to it, they make a stunning pair, especially when photographed in the Lazzareschi Cave.

The Miura was originally Lamè Sky Blue Acrilico with a Pelle Bianco interior and red carpet. It was a proper attempt at a roadster by Bertone, too, with efforts made to increase the torsional rigidity to make up for the missing roof. Obviously, the vision was never realised and the unique concept ended up being sold to the International Lead and Zinc Research Organisation (!), which repainted it olive green with a green interior and replaced ‘every possible component’ with zinc or lead. Seriously. It went on to have a life in car design centres to show off the benefits of zinc in rust protection, before being rescued by Lamborghini and returned to its original motor show specification.

It’s this colour combo that the Aventador mirrors and not the green on green, thankfully. The new car colour is Azzuro Flake, with Nero Aldebaran accents to evoke the Miura’s similar items and complement the shiny carbon. Grigio Liqueo is used to create the two-tone look the Miura always pulled off so stylishly. Note the matt black exhaust pipes and – praise be – shiny silver wheels with black calipers, because that’s what the Miura had. And it still looks good.

The tribute act continues inside, with even the seat style aiming to evoke the Miura. The colours are now Bianco Leda and the same Nero Aldebaran as used outside. There’s even a Miura badge in that iconic font embroidered into the dash, just as a final reminder.

The Aventador feels a fitting celebration of Lamborghini’s V12 roadster history; you suspect that the Swiss owner of this Ultimae LP780-4 will be very, very happy with their Miura tribute. And while this particular car isn’t likely to ever be available again, there’s hope for those who love the spec (and have £300k to spend on a Lamborghini) – this 2018 LP740-4 is almost a carbon copy. Handy.

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