KPDNHEP monitoring petrol stations within Johor Bahru – prevent Singapore cars from pumping RON 95 –

The ministry of domestic trade and consumer affairs (KPDNHEP) has conducted checks at various petrol stations around Johor Bahru after photos of vehicles with Singaporean registration plates filling up on RON 95 petrol went viral on social media.

This is an issue because foreign-registered vehicles are prohibited from buying RON 95, which is heavily subsidised by the Malaysian government – this ban has been in place since August 1, 2010.

According to KPDNHEP, its officers have inspected over 40 petrol stations since yesterday, including those along Jalan Tebrau heading towards Jalan Pandan, along Jalan Tun Razak heading towards Jalan Skudai, along Jalan Lingkaran Dalam, Jalan Tampoi, Senai and Kulai.

The ministry is reminding employees at petrol stations not to sell RON 95 to owners of foreign-registered vehicles and has reprimanded owners of such vehicles caught buying RON 95. It added that stern action will be taken against petrol station owners who fail to monitor the misuse of RON 95 in accordance with the law.

KPDNHEP is also calling upon the public to provide information like photos and the location of petrol stations if they come across foreign-registered vehicles filling up on RON 95. Complaints can be channeled through KPDNHEP’s e-complaint platform, WhatsApp at 019-2794317 or toll-free hotline 1-800-886-800.

Currently. RON 95 is priced at RM2.05 per litre, while RON 97, which isn’t subsidised and can be purchased by owners of foreign-registered vehicles, retails at RM3.91 per litre. In Singapore, RON 95 is sold at around SGD3 (RM9.32) per litre, and RON 98 is at around SGD3.47 (RM10.78) per litre.

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