Interesting features of XUV700 keys: Even happier with my AX5 trim now

Overall fuel efficiency for highway trips stands at an impressive 18.1km/l. This is with speeds between 80 – 85 km/h

BHPian RavenAvi recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Depending on how one drives the diesel inside city conditions and on the mild to moderate traffic on city roads, FE figures hover between 13-16 km/l. I have yet to experience bumper-to-bumper traffic in my city, or a traffic jam, to check FE figures for that worst-case scenario.

But, the worst I have scored till now is 13.2kmpl, and the best is 15.7kmpl. This is as per the EcoSense calculation in the Trip(s) Summary section in the AdrenoX Connect app. Also, the average for the last 520 km of running comes to 14.2kmpl, which includes a highway trip of ~185 km.

According to the latest in the Fuelio app, the FE for the last refill to refill comes to 13.43kmpl. This is in peak summer with the AC on every time.

For 2 highway trips of 180+ km, the highest FE achieved was 20.7kmpl. Overall FE for highway trips stands at an impressive 18.1kmpl. This is with speeds between 80-85kmph, also with AC on all the time.

So, in the period where I and Icarus are getting to know each other a lot better, I keep finding new and exciting things about the 7OO, especially in its AX5 iteration, which makes me a lot happier.

This is one of them:

Select “Selective Unlocking” in the AdrenoX Setup in the HU, and when you unlock your car the first time, only the driver’s side and the boot doors are unlocked, with a single blink of the front sequential turn indicators and lighting up + 2 successive blinks of the DRLs.

Press Unlock a second time, the DRLs blink again, and the 3 passenger doors unlock.

This is immensely helpful for situations when you are the sole occupant of your 7OO and you need to toss in some everyday things into the boot while on a trip.

That’s not all.

Keep the Unlock button pressed for a few seconds when you unlock your 7OO for the first time, and together with the selective unlocking of the driver door and the boot door, the sky roof also slides back to open fully!

Never thought Mahindra would give this very useful feature in its mid AX5 variant! Bye-bye, hot air inside the cabin when the car is parked under direct sunlight in summer.

Keep the Unlock button pressed.

Skyroof opening.

Sky roof glass sliding back.

Skyroof is fully open. Neat!

There’s more.

Press the Lock button once and the 7OO refuses to lock with 5 continuous angry horn beeps, obviously because the sky roof is open!

In this situation, keep the Lock button pressed for a few seconds and with two swipes of the front sequential, the 7OO locks itself back with 3 horn beeps and the sky roof slides back shut.

Skyroof glass sliding back inwards.

Skyroof closing.

Also, press Lock once to lock all the doors of your car with a single swipe of the front sequential turn indicators, then press Lock again to enable the Find-My-Car/Follow-Me-Home feature with the headlamps turning themselves on.

The Service Reminder Alert popped up on the MID as soon as Icarus crossed 800kms on the ODO and keeps reminding me every time I turn the key to start him up in the mornings. Will be headed to the Service Center this weekend to get it completed.

Start in the mornings and you are greeted by this visual after the opening animation of the 7OO running across both screens is over.

Alert keeps showing in the next (user enabled) menu too, on the top centre.

Under the “Alerts” section of the MID.

Merely viewing it doesn’t help. Comes up as a fresh alert again when the 7OO is completely shut down and started up again.

ODO is currently at 901 km.

Check out BHPian comments for more insights and information.

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