Ineos backs hydrogen for future Grenadiers

Hyundai tech to be used for zero-emissions models

By Matt Bird / Monday, October 18, 2021 / Loading comments

Ineos is nothing if not diligent at keeping the world up to date with its plans. So although we’re still a little way from roadgoing Grenadiers – production is set to begin in July – the company is already forging ahead with new variants, specifically a hydrogen fuel cell car.

Well, kind of. Following on from last year’s announcement about a fuel cell partnership with Hyundai, Ineos now says that it is “backing hydrogen as a clean energy solution for future versions of the vehicle.” To that end, it’s partnering with AVL to build a Grenadier FCEV Concept incorporating Hyundai’s technology, with testing set to commence at the end of next year. So it’s an initial commitment for the moment – we all know how much can change in a year – but an interesting development nonetheless.

The Grenadier strategy is all part of Ineos’ broader hydrogen advocacy plan, you see. The Ineos Group (as opposed to just Automotive) does a lot of electrolysis to produce hydrogen already, which it’s now making more noise about. And there’d be no better way to show off what the wider business is doing than a hydrogen Grenadier. Sir Jim Ratcliffe said of the plan: “We believe that hydrogen is the fuel of the future and Ineos is determined to take a leading role in its development. When used in a fuel cell, hydrogen only produces water and is the UK’s best chance of reaching its carbon reduction targets”.

There’s certainly a lot of developing to be done. As of August 2021, there are 11 hydrogen filling stations in the UK; five are inside the M25 and just two are north of Wiltshire – in Scotland, actually. And you thought EV chargers needed work… Still, Ineos’ experience with the infrastructure and Hyundai’s with the automotive technology sounds a handy collaboration; expect to hear more about progress in the coming months.

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