How Good are the 2018 Honda CR-V LX\u0027s Accessories? – Long-Term Update 6

After almost 12 months with the CR-V LX, it’s time to review how the accessories I got have held up. Just after we got Honda’s base-model compact SUV last year, I added a few accessories to make it better. The most expensive accessory was the surfboard rack, but I also got all-season floor mats, a cargo tray, and a cargo basket. Here’s how they’ve performed.

Surf Rack

You have to buy the crossbars ($249), roof rails ($399), and surfboard attachment ($150), for a total of $798. The roof rails have to be installed by the dealer. At almost $800, the rack is pretty expensive, but it does its job very well. I’ve attached a couple of boards, and it’s easy to secure them thanks to the way the rack is designed. I haven’t had a bad experience with it—and besides that, I like the way the CR-V looks with the crossbars and roof rails. It adds a touch of ruggedness.

All-Season Floor Mats

The driver’s side floor mat is starting to show signs of use. Although the plastic is hard, part of it has begun to peel off, mostly in the area where the pedals are. The rest of the mats are in good condition, and I like how easy it is to clean them. Like I’ve said before, Honda should split the floor mat in the second row instead of having one full piece. For $169, they may be worth your money.

Cargo Cover

LX is the only trim that doesn’t have a privacy glass or cargo cover, so it’s hard to hide your belongings. For $160 you can buy the cargo cover, and it will properly cover your stuff in the cargo area. It’s not cheap, but performs well, and I’m quite happy with it.

Cargo Tray

The cargo tray helps protect the floor in the cargo area from accidental spills. After surfing, I put my wet wetsuit there. Its borders are quite high, holding liquids correctly, but I don’t like that it only fits properly when the cargo floor is in its lowest level. If the floor is in the upper level (for a flat floor), the tray waggles. For $114, I’d skip this one.

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