HOT ROD Power Tour: On the Road – 300+ Photo Gallery from Day 2

Thousands of cars hit the road yesterday to drive from the start of HOT ROD Power Tour in Concord, North Carolina to head North for Martinsville, Virginia! As always we tried to keep the drive on two lane roads for the majority of the time snaking through small town America where locals come out to watch the spectacle. The anticipation and excitement for the fans to hit the road to celebrate the 25th anniversary of this epic American road trip was clearly apparent the entire day on Saturday as Power Tour veterans caught up with old friends and newcomers attempted to grasp exactly was going on.

There’s nothing quite like power tour traffic. This is one of the few times traffic can be enjoyable.

This year there seemed to bring more people thrashing on their cars last minute in the parking lot of zMAX Dragway to get ready for the almost 1,500 mile road trip they have ahead of them to complete the long haul. The first leg of the Power Tour route was an absolutely gorgeous drive starting in the farmlands of the Southeast and snaking through the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains on our way to Martinsville Speedway. The Southeast is always a welcome sight to our tourers, and despite the extra humidity there seems to be more cars than ever. As always happens on this event, we hit a little rain, but people didn’t seem to mind one bit!

Every single gas station is a car show on HOT ROD Power Tour .

This may very well be the very best route we have ever put together here at HOT ROD Magazine and we’re excited for each and every one of you to experience what we have in store for you. We ran the route and took a whole bunch of photos of you guys driving your cars, so take a look through the gallery below to see if we caught you on the open road.

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