Honda Forza 300 Maxi Scooter: All You Need To Know

In a pleasant surprise, Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India (HMSI) announced the deliveries of four Forza 300 maxi-scooters in the country earlier this week. The four scooters were delivered to customers who had pre-booked the model, but the big takeaway is that Honda has confirmed that the premium offering will be launched in India by early 2021. The Honda Forza 300 will be one of the first-of-its-kind offerings and the new flagship scooter in the brand’s line-up. It also promises to finally become a proper maxi-scooter for the Indian market. Here’s all you need to know about the upcoming Honda Forza 300.

Design and Features

The Honda Forza 300 is tall, feature-loaded and grabs a lot of attention on the road. The design language is typical of maxi-scooters with a sporty looking front complete with twin headlamps, while the bodywork at the side is sporty with lots of creases and cuts, unlike the existing small-capacity scooters seen in India. Being a maxi-scooter, the Forza also boasts of a wide and comfortable step-up style single seat that will keep things comfortable for the rider and the pillion. The offering comes with a host of features including an adjustable screen that adjusts to 140 mm, full LED lighting, semi-digital instrument console, Honda Smart Key, 12V charging socket, and a lockable storage compartment.

The Forza 300 also comes with Honda Selectable Torque Control (HSTC) and is the first scooter from Honda to get the feature. HSTC helps in regaining rear-wheel traction by detecting the difference between the front and rear wheel speeds, calculates the slip ratio and controlling engine torque via fuel injection.

The Honda Forza 300 scoeeoter will be officially launched in India in the upcoming financial year


The Honda Forza 300 measures 2142 mm in length, 754 mm in width, and 1471 mm in height. The model is underpinned by a tubular steel frame with a short wheelbase of 1510 mm. The scooter promises a low centre of gravity with the radiator and battery located between the fuel tank and the under-seat storage area. The seat height measures 780 mm and the ground clearance stands at 144 mm. The fuel tank capacity is 11.5 litres and promises a range of about 350 km.


The Forza 300 is powered by a 279cc, liquid-cooled, fuel-injected, four-valve engine that produces 24.8 bhp at 7000 rpm. The motor comes with a roller-type rocker arm, plain journal crank bearings and sealed crankcases for long-term reliability, according to the company. Lower internal friction is achieved with an oil capacity of 1.7-litres and a 5 mm offset cylinder. The motor is paired with a V-Matic automatic transmission that sends power to the rear wheel via a belt drive. Honda says the transmission ratios have been set for fast low-speed acceleration on the Forza 300. The maxi-scooter weighs a hefty 182 kg and can store two full-face helmets in the under-seat storage space.

The suspension duties on the scooter are handled by 33 mm telescopic forks upfront and pre-load adjustable dual shock absorbers at the rear. The Forza 300 rides on 15-inch front and 14-inch rear alloy wheels, while the braking set-up includes 256 mm front disc and a 240 mm rear disc brake with dual-channel ABS.

The Honda Forza 300 is expected to be priced between ₹ 2.5-3 lakh (ex-showroom), and will be locally assembled

Expected Price

Honda has not announced prices yet for the new Forza 300. However, the company’s new halo scooter will arrive at a premium price point. Expect prices to start around ₹ 2.5-3 lakh (ex-showroom), which makes marginally more expensive than the Honda CB300R. That being said, the model is expected to find quite a few enthusiasts with the sporty nature and the easy riding posture. The scooter will also be the only-of-its-kind in the segment at the time of its arrival; unless we hear some new announcements from other manufacturers about product launches in this space.


Honda will retail the Forza 300 via the premium Big Wing showrooms pan India, which currently caters to the company’s premium line-up of motorcycles. Expect the maxi-scooter to be sold in limited units and is likely to be locally assembled in the country.

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