Here\u2019s What The Maserati MC20 Sounds Like

The Maserati MC20 is throwing Maserati back into the supercar ring. And it seems promising on paper. Powered by the interesting turbocharged Nettuno, 3.0-liter V6, which makes 621 horsepower, the Maserati should be an exciting car to rip around a racetrack. Judging by the video above, those assumptions are correct. The Maserati MC20 was caught testing on a track and uploaded to the Varryx YouTube Channel.

In the nearly four-minute video, we see a pair of Maserati MC20s, one wearing white paint and the other wrapped with camouflage, testing on the track. We see that the camouflaged MC20 has no problems whipping its tail around and doing some drifting. More importantly, we get to hear what the MC20’s 3.0-liter engine sounds like while doing some performance driving.

Admittedly, these MC20 coupes aren’t being professionally recorded. That said, the Maserati MC20 sounds, well, like a turbocharged V6. That shouldn’t be surprising, but it’s nice to still hear the car running around a racetrack. Near the end of the video, at around 2:40, you get a good example of what this car will sound like when pushed.

We’re glad someone caught the MC20 hitting a track, but we’re still looking forward to climbing behind the wheel ourselves. We’re expecting that most will get their chance to snag one sometime next year.

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