Gunther Werks unleashes ‘Project Tornado’

Limited edition remastered model takes 993 to 700hp with 4.0-litre twin-turbocharged motor

By Matt Bird / Friday, 19 August 2022 / Loading comments

Even in a busy bit of the restomod world, what Gunther Werks has done with the Porsche 911 has already earned it a great reputation. “Virtually everything about it… brilliantly encapsulates everything I want in a car” was the PH verdict on the sold-out Speedster earlier this year. So they’re making some pretty good cars already. And here comes the fast one…

The cars were quick already, with more than 400hp shifting only 1,200kg or so. For this Project Tornado – or, to give the car its full name and keep everyone happy, the Porsche 911 Remastered by Gunther Werks Project Tornado – the 4.0-litre has been twin-turbocharged and more of the body made of carbon. Combined, Gunther Werks says you’re looking at something vaguely resembling a 993 that now has 700hp in track mode and weighs 500lbs (226kg) less than the ‘original platform’ – 1,225kg is the figure doing the rounds. Yikes.

The new carbon panels – including but not limited to the double bubble roof, wider side skirts, vented bonnet and enormous diffuser – are designed to improve cooling and downforce as well as reduce weight. It really is an extraordinary looking car, the Project Tornado, broad and butch in a fashion old 911s seldom are – even the restomod ones. Look at how pumped the front arches (also carbon) are. It could hardly be more different to the Tuthill project that’s also on show at The Quail, showing just how broad a church 911 worship really is.

At least it has the power to match the aesthetic. Gunther Werks says the Rothsport Racing built 4.0-litre has a racing inspired flat fan, liquid charged cooling platform and a Motec ECU, with 600hp as standard and 700hp on offer for the brave. Interestingly, Gunther Werks will offer Tornado customers a touring package – if it’s good enough for Porsche, it’s good enough for Porsche modifiers – that tames the flat six a bit ‘for a more leisurely driving style’ as well as adding a different seat, ducktail spoiler instead of this chunky tea tray and some storage solutions as well. As has become tradition for GW cars, the Tornado interior is beautiful but pretty bare – you can pair your phone (with a magnetic inductive charging base, no less), select the track drive mode and use the nose lift. That really is about it but, then again, what more do you need? 700hp, 8,000rpm and a six-speed manual ought to keep you plenty occupied.

Gunther Werks hasn’t released any official performance, price, or availability details with Project Tornado. Build a 911 that looks like this, unveil it at Monterey and they will come, right? If it follows the naturally aspirated models, expect around 25 cars to be made and a price getting on for a million quid. Perhaps more, in fact; with all these wild restomods going on, the world will be running out of donor cars soon…

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