Global EV sales reach 1.2 crore units in 2022

Reports already predict 17 million units of EV sales by this year’s end.

The global passenger electric vehicle sales registered 10.2 million (around 1.2 crores) units of sales, helped by a 53% (year-on-year) rise in Q4 2022.

According to reports, 72% of the total sales in Q4 2022 came from BEV (battery electric vehicles), while PHEVs (plug-in hybrid EVs) accounted for the rest. The Tesla Model 3 became the best-selling EV in the world, followed by China’s BYD Song model.

China, Germany & the USA became the largest EV markets in the world; while the top 10 EV automotive groups, which own more than 39 passenger car brands accounted for 72% of the total EV sales in Q4 2022.

Chinese EV car brands are said to be expanding their presence in other global markets, including Europe, Southeast Asia and Latin America. This should help increase EV sales further in 2023, with reports already predicting 17 million units of EV sales by this year’s end.

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