Germany: Mercedes could face Euro 1B fine over emissions

According to a media report, Mercedes-Benz could face a fine of between 800 million Euros and 1 billion Euros due to violations related to diesel emissions.

It is reported that the diesel variants of the Mercedes C-Class and the E-Class were fitted with a software that would reduce NO2 and CO2 emissions under certain controlled conditions such as a rolling road. The company has reportedly been asked to recall up to 2,80,000 vehicles. A fine of 5,000 Euros per vehicle is being considered.

The report suggests that in June 2019, Mercedes recalled 60,000 GLK diesel cars, bringing the total number of recalled Mercedes cars due to software irregularities to 7,60,000.

The carmaker is under investigation in the US as well due to high emission levels in its diesel cars.

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