Forum Friday: Four Cars, a Supercharger, and a Wedding

Our forums are filled with epic build threads. In these Vortex pages, people document their car builds, sharing every detail as they create their custom ride. And some users take this a bit farther and share a glimpse into their personal life. Member gettajetta13 has just such a thread. And his Volkswagens are woven all through his story.

When you first open the discussion, you might notice there are only five pages and think “how is this an epic thread?” Scroll down and you’ll discover why: gettajetta13 has packed each post with information and photos. If you’re looking for a thread to sink your teeth into, this is it.

You see, getta is not only a Passat lover, he’s a Passat wagon lover. And as we’ve documented before, fans of the long-roof cars are a special breed. As an avid skate and snowboarder, the extra cargo capacity and roof rack helps to haul gear.

But what’s really cool (and rather sweet, we have to admit), is to see his life journey in this thread. There’s a number of cars, a number of houses, some really great trips, a wedding, and much more. To put so much of your life on a public forum is rather brave, and he shares a lot.

And of course, there’s incredible car content. getta starts with a B5 Passat wagon, then adds a Passat sedan. A MK2 Jetta follows him home. And he eventually moves onto a B5.5 VR6 4motion wagon. And each of those cars gets a healthy dose of upgrades, including adding a supercharger to the B5.

So if you’re bored this Friday, or you’re procrastinating on doing your own work, check out gettajetta13’s thread. You’ll not only see some great cars, but you’ll get to know him and his family a little bit more.

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