Ferrari Portofino M | PH Video

Ferrari's latest 620hp drop-top was built to make the best of a summer's day – Dan puts it to the test

By PH Staff / Thursday, July 1, 2021 / Loading comments

It’s the summer situation we’ve all dreamed of: country roads, a new Ferrari to drive, and precious little by way of destination. It would have been rude not to commit the journey to film.

The new Portofino M is Maranello’s latest twist on its entry level front-engined V8, the most accessible and easy-to-drive model in the line up alongside the Roma. Only in the world of Maranello that means a car with 620hp, 199mph potential and a £175k start price – though what else did you really expect?

The drive entirely justifies that asking price, too, as detailed in Dan’s review last week, with typically imperious displays from engine, gearbox and Ferrari’s spookily good chassis work. Perhaps these folding hard top GTs haven’t always hit the spot as far as enthusiasts were concerned – even if plenty have sold – but the Portofino M is undoubtedly as good as they’ve ever been. Don’t be surprised if those healthy sales continue…

As the best looking and best driving of these front-engined V8s, we had to do a video. So over to Dan, the Portofino M and the British countryside. Someone had to do it…

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