Face-pummelling Lamborghini SC20 unveiled

One-off Squadra Corse model does without a windscreen – but retains heartwarming 770hp V12

By Sam Sheehan / Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Given the number of windscreen-free speedsters to have made production in recent years, there appears to be a corner of the automotive market where roadsters don't offer nearly enough in the wind-in-your-hair department. Especially if you have lots of money. The latest proof is a one-off car made by Lamborghini's Squadra Corse department called the SC20, which nails the brief ten times over in typical Sant'Agata Bolognese fashion.

Based on the Aventador – and partly mimicking Squadra Corse's first one-off, the SC18 – the SC20 gains a new front end that diverts more air over the cockpit area. This means lower pressure (and less wildlife) for passengers, although you'd imagine anyone wanting to exercise the SC20's naturally aspirated 6.5-litre V12 would be best to do so with a full-face helmet on. Certainly, the solutions employed here are less extreme than the McLaren Elva. And 770hp at 8,500rpm and 531lb ft of torque at 6,750rpm ought to get the airflow up a bit. Not to mention the volume.

As for the car's other aero addenda, several are said to be inspired by the Huracan GT3 EVO race car, with an enlarged front splitter and new intakes there to boost performance above all else. Those reformed sides adopt lessons learned with the track-only Essenza SCV12 that came earlier this year, and the rear wing can be set to three positions to cater to different demands for downforce. Expect plenty of mechanical grip to go with that aero, with the seven-speed ISR powertrain retaining its all-wheel drive system and P-Zero Corsa tyres wrapped around the 20- and 21-inch (front and rear), centre-bolt aluminium wheels.

The finished product looks predictably extreme, albeit with the mandatory fitment of thick buttresses which do nothing for the original car's sleek silhouette. No doubt the SC20 will look best with its owner aboard, wearing their matching helmet, and the details suggest it's best appreciated in the metal. As you'd expect with a customer commissioned one-off, much attention has been given to detailed features, with bespoke rear lighting and a cabin trimmed as per this buyer's requirements.

Maurizio Reggiani, Lamborghini CEO, said that the SC20 represents a "combination of sophisticated engineering, Italian craftsmanship, sportiness and advanced design". He suggested it is "also an example of applying [the firm's] V12 engine and carbonfibre to a radical open-top vehicle that unmistakably carries the Lamborghini DNA". We're not given pricing, obviously, but for reference, the SC18 (which is less extreme thanks to its retention of a roof) reportedly cost its buyer over £3.5 million. Four mill, then?

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