"Deadline" Day Five of the United Pacific Week to Wicked Presented by Classic Performance Products

It’s down to the final day of the United Pacific Week to Wicked presented by Classic Performance Products and, well, we’re gettin’ er done come midnight or high water! With 90-percent of the build behind us, it’s the remaining tasks that are going to be the true tests of patience and will.

But, the most important task of all—the firing and subsequent tuning of the C10’s ZZ6 small-block—was met with a round of applause just as it was crossed off the to-do list early on Day Five. Our dual-quad Holley Sniper EFI came to life on the first crank of the HyperSpark ignition with nary a hiccup, let alone any resulting drop of fluid on the shop floor, leaving the rest of the day to finish up all the rest of the truck’s odds and ends.

United Pacific took the electrified opportunity (thanks to our brand-new Odyssey AGM battery) to complete the installation of their LED lighting components, from the 7-inch headlights and amber running lights to the sequential taillights. Meanwhile, the interior got treated to some fresh carpet and door panels from Brother’s Trucks, Pro Car bucket seats courtesy Scat, and a blue-tooth optioned stereo system from Custom AutoSound. Our wheels, 18-inch Racers from American Legend, were finally dropped off with their new Continental Extreme Contact Sport tires mounted so we could get the C10 down on all fours in preparation of its first test drive later this evening. (To the dismay of everyone involved on this end of the United Pacific Week to Wicked presented by Classic Trucks, it appears as though our Day Five celebratory smoking of the hides has been shut down by our facilities manager—but we’ll find an appropriate time and place to fulfil the obligatory burnout, that’s for sure!)

Check back tomorrow for a full recap (and maybe a surprise or two) on the 5-day adventure of Classic Truck’s latest Week to Wicked ’71 Chevy C10.

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