Dallara announces track-only Stradale EXP

The Dallara is about as wild as four-wheeled experiences get; what's the track car going to be like?!

By Matt Bird / Thursday, July 1, 2021 / Loading comments

When a company as illustrious as Dallara took on a road car project, its glorious past ensured expectations were as high as its asking price. By and large, the Stradale delivered on that promise, too, though now Dallara has seen fit up the ante, turning its first street car – clue’s in the name – into a track only machine. Old habits die hard with motorsport in the blood…

The Stradale EXP is currently being pitched as a range of upgrades for the Stradale, a “modular and reversible process for whoever wants to experience the thrill of driving on the track and then go back and get type approval for the road.” Certainly, it looks more involved than just switching onto a set of track tyres, and presumably Dallara will sell an EXP to those without a Stradale, but that’s the deal for now.

This being Dallara, the work has already achieved some extraordinary results, said to be faster than a GT3 car at Mugello. Without the requirement to be road legal, Dallara has further honed the aero package – look at that rear wing! – promising in excess of 1,250kg of downforce at top speed. Running on slick tyres, the car delivers the incredible claim of more than 2.7g lateral acceleration. It’s believed that the Ford Ecoboost engine will be further tweaked, too, with 500hp and 516lb ft, substantially more than the standard car. This is quite clearly a step above even the Stradale in terms of track focus. And that was already a sub-900kg car sold without a windscreen…

Dallara says the EXP “can’t wait to be relished, tested, experienced as a top performing sports tool, like the best skis for extreme downhill runs or the fastest of racing bikes.” As for when that that might be, nothing more accurate than “soon” has been promised, though it has been confirmed that the latest Stradale will be eligible for circuits in the USA – not having to worry about street eligibility presumably opens Dallara up to additional markets. And even with what’s been released so far, it’s easy to imagine plenty of demand for the ultimate Dallara.

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