Confused between Ford EcoSport and Skoda Kushaq

I’ve decided to get a new car to replace my Fabia. Though it is running perfectly, I’ve chosen to upgrade.

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I’ve decided to get a new car to replace my Fabia. Though it is running perfectly, I’ve chosen to upgrade.


  • I need to upgrade my current car (Fabia, 2009, petrol, 43,000 kms), working perfectly.
  • Budget <12 lacs (Previously it was 15 lacs, but reduced because of various reasons, changed my requirements also accordingly)
  • Usage: Very low, say 3000-5000 kms per year. Mostly highway usage, for city usage we are depending on uber\ola\bus.
  • Requirements: Must be an SUV (thanks to the worthless Bangalore roads and super bright lights on scooters/autos etc). Must be manual, not too worried about performance or mileage or running costs or resale value. But safety kit, comfort (NVH), reliability, and decent interiors takes bigger priority.

Based on the above needs and lots of reading, I’ve booked EcoSport Titanium diesel and waiting for delivery. After Kushaq’s static reveal, I’m in a confused state. So, please help me with this poll.

Positives of EcoSport

  • Proven car with decent safety kit.
  • Mid variant.
  • Diesel power (I’m not a fan of diesel cars but diesel motor was recommended for EcoSport in Team-BHP and other places as well.)
  • Butch look at the back, really cool.
  • Handling, acceptable NVH, sunroof (not a fan, but still)
  • Can have a car in the next two weeks

Negatives of EcoSport

  • Old car.
  • No rear AC vent.
  • Less cabin space and boot space.
  • Interiors are just okay, not premium.
  • Heavy clutch (not a deal breaker, as my city usage is limited)

Positives of Kushaq

  • Skoda brand.
  • Front look, its pretty good actually.
  • Cabin space, boot space are slightly better than Ecosport.
  • Rear AC vent.
  • Can have better NVH than Ecosport diesel.(Guess based on my rapid tsi test drive)
  • 6 gears, so cruising will be smoother.

Negatives of Kushaq

  • Fresh product, not sure what can go wrong.
  • My budget allows me to buy the base model only. Base model can be total bare bones, cannot say that yet.
  • There will be a huge waiting period, for sure.
  • Doesn’t have that SUVish look, atleast to my eyes.

Cars that I couldn’t consider

  • Korean twins: For obvious, safety reasons.
  • Duster: Cannot live with that interior.
  • Kicks: Excellent car and package but not sure about Nissan’s future in India.
  • Nexon: Excellent car but expensive when compared with Ecosport.

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