Confused between a used 2020 BMW G30 530d & a new BMW 530d LCI

Both cars are M Sport models, however, the pre-owned one has clocked 12,000 km on the odo & is no longer under warranty.

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Good day, everyone!

I’m in my late thirties and looking for a luxury sedan with adequate horsepower.

  • Option 1: A single-owner 2020 G30 BMW 530d M Sport with 12000 kilometers. (Not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty)
  • Option 2: The BMW 530d M Sport LCI, which is brand new

Initially, I was leaning toward the used car, but after learning that it is no longer under warranty, I am now skeptical. Is it a good idea to invest the money here after completing 12K kilometers?

Also, after having the car inspected by the BMW service (360 check), will we be allowed to purchase a warranty if it has expired?

In terms of the LCI, I believe that due to the chip scarcity, certain features such as 360 camera and parking via BMW display key have been discontinued and I am not sure about other features if they are the same. Also, there is no test drive available for 530d nor a display car.

Could you please guide me here to pick the right one?

Thanks in advance.

Here’s what GTO had to say about the matter:

Just checked on Carwale & the 530d is 90-lakhs OTR Mumbai, so Bangalore should be 95. I own a 530d and can tell you it is NOT worth 95 lakhs. Not at all.

  • IF you want a “like new” car for a more fair price, pick the 2020 car. These cars age very, very slowly. One detailing session and your 2020 example should be as good as new. The 30-lakh price difference is huge. You could cover fuel & maintenance for 10 years, and buy a Mahindra Thar 4×4 with the difference. Almost. Frankly, 60 lakhs itself is a lot of money for a pre-owned 530d, but such is the crazy market we find ourselves in, and such are the crazy prices in Bangalore.
  • You must also consider the M340i, which is as legendary a machine as the 530d and more fun-to-drive (petrol revs higher, AWD grip, feels tighter). Main disadvantage would be you giving up diesel economy, especially on long road trips. But my God, what a machine the M340i is! 78-lakhs OTR for a new one, and could save money on used, if you are able to find one.
  • Test-drive the new C300d. It is almost as fast as a 530d, has equal legroom at the rear (but not the width), an absolutely perfect suspension setup in terms of ride & handling, and very sharp brakes. Loads of fun to drive. Mercedes has hit it out of the park with the C300 AMG. Added bonus = looks hot with the kit & you’ll be driving the latest model. Main disadvantage vs the 530d = no 6-cylinder creaminess, and the gearbox isn’t as fast (although it’s still very competent).

Check with the dealer and with BMW directly on the warranty. Since it’s only just expired, I am sure they’ll give you extended coverage. Although the car is super reliable, it is very expensive to fix when things go wrong. I had a relatively small water leak fixed under warranty. It was due to the left-hand-drive steering column plastic cap gone bad (on the firewall). Fixed for free under warranty, but the dealer billing was 2+ lakhs!

Majority of luxury car owners don’t get the extended warranty because they see it as an unnecessary expense. On a wing & a prayer! Totally unwise IMHO.

If you absolutely must have the warranty, route the sale through the dealer’s official pre-owned channel. They offer bumper to bumper warranties. Price will be a bit bumped up though.

But seriously, also talk to BMW. These companies are known to take care of their customers. The car is just ~2 years old and as long as it’s been maintained at the dealer only, they will have no problem approving the extended warranty package on this car.

Here’s what BHPian itwasntme had to say about the matter:

Not a 5 Series owner but what is the price delta between the two options? If it is reasonable, then go for Option 2. The 5 LCI looks a great deal more modern, and even the 3 LCI will be similar when it comes in. It will look fresher for years longer. The enjoyment from features like display key, in my opinion, is transient.

I also find it suspicious whenever I hear of luxury vehicle owners not buying even 1 year of extended warranty. It potentially shows a lack of commitment to the vehicle and/or a financial crunch, neither of which is a positive sign.

Here’s what BHPian Aaroah had to say about the matter:

96L OTR is way too much. I was offered a brand new 530d sometime exactly this time last year at 68L OTR (UP registration). I passed on that car as second wave covid had hit and had to set priorities straight. Now I think I should have gone ahead instead as I will never be able to buy it even remotely close to that price given mass discounting is more or less gone away in the industry.

I would say you should see the materiality the lost equipment holds for you (it greatly does to me) and I would only consider getting the car again when they start shipping out the full kits. Personally, for me, this car will be my last ICE vehicle and I will hold it for the next 10 years or so hence, I am waiting for the next 6/12 months for the situation to improve.

Here’s what BHPian Ojas had to say about the matter:

My recommendation is to go for the used one.

A new 530d is not worth 95L. Also, missing 360-deg camera in new cars is almost a deal-breaker for me for a big car; it’s super useful in tight spaces and tricky situations.

AFAIK, extending the warranty will not be possible post expiry and their systems too don’t allow it. You have to decide for yourself if you want to take that risk given other benefits like cost savings, features, etc.

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