Build or Buy: R U Ready for an R?

Is that MK7 GTI no longer giving you the same driving thrill? Looking for more performance? Maybe something with all-wheel-drive and around 300 horsepower? How ’bout a MK7 Golf R? But maybe you want something a little more special. Do you build your own custom R, or pick one up pre-modded? Do you build, or do you buy?

Argument: Build
Article: 2016 Volkswagen Golf R

This may be the lowest priced MK7 Golf R in the country. With an asking price of just a little over $20,000, you can get behind the wheel of this 4motion road rocket. That’s right; this R is less than most used GTIs.

And GTIs aren’t available in stunning Lapiz Blue paint (arguably the most iconic R color). It contrasts nicely with the chrome accents and 19″ wheels. Inside it’s typical Golf goodness with black leather seats, black headliner, and good ole fashioned gauges (sorry, the Virtual Cockpit didn’t show up until 2018), and a third pedal. For that little scratch there’s lots of room for improvements. More aggressive wheels, sticky summer rubber, software flash, big brake kit, and whatever else you want to throw at it.

Of course, a low price like this comes with a catch. And the metal-shaving-in-the-oil lies in the gauge cluster itself: this car has 98,000 miles. So your budget should also include room for potential future repairs.

Take a look at the ad; this 2016 Golf R is in Jefferson, New Jersey.

Argument: Buy
Article: 2016 Volkswagen Golf R

If that $20,000ish R piqued your interest, then this Oryx White R should get your full attention. This attractive and nicely modded R can be yours for around $5,000 more than the “buy” golf above. That’s right: the “buy it now” price is $24,991.

What does that extra money get you? To start, it’s what it doesn’t get you: lots of miles. This 2016 has 65,000 miles on the odometer. It also comes with only two pedals, so if you can’t drive a manual car, or your commute is no bueno for a traditional clutched transmission, then this would be the better car for you. Besides, the DSG transmission does not dimish the driving experience.

This ’16 R also has aftermarket 19″ APR wheels, EBC cross-drilled and slotted rotors with “yellow stuff” pads, a catless downpipe, and more. It’s a compelling package for the price.

For more information, check out the eBay ad. This 2016 modded R is in Carrollton, Texas.

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