Bruce Meyer Hands Over Ownership of Meyers Manx After 56 Years

At 94, Bruce and Winnie Meyers are finally hanging their CEO ties and selling Meyers Manx LLC. The company is being sold to Trousdale Ventures. 

The idea of a historic company like Meyers Manx being sold to an investment firm may sound a little scary, but the firm is run by noted car nut, Philip Sarofim. 

The company will also be run by Freeman Thomas, who is perhaps best known for his work designing the New Beetle, the original Audi TT, and Chrysler 300. So it’ll be in good hands.

“Maintaining the old and introducing the new is what lies ahead. We feel that Meyers Manx LLC can and will do just that!” wrote Bruce Meyers in a joint statement with Trousdale Ventures on Facebook. “With faith in their desire to continue our legacy, the future will be brighter, happier, sunnier than ever, a wonderful rebirth for what we have created!”

Still, you don’t just quit after 56 years of running a company. Bruce and Winnie will continue to be ambassadors for the company and will run the Meyers Manx Registry.

The company, founded in 1964, took a Beetle chassis and turned it into an off-road racer and had customers like Steve McQueen. The Manx won the first-ever Baja 1000 race and has long been tied to the world of off-road racing.

And that may continue. The team taking over Meyers Manx LLC was eager to excite readers with a taste of a future rich with new projects.

“We are putting together an international dream team of passionate and creative souls to carry on the Meyers Manx legacy of fun, freedom and expression that Bruce and Winnie created,” Sarofim wrote in the joint statement. “It’s the beginning of an exciting journey in bringing new life to a legendary California icon. The timeless design and DNA of the Meyers Manx is the greatest smile machine I’ve ever experienced.”

Although there’s little more to go on, VW already has a Manx-inspired prototype in mothballs. The little EV, or something like it, might just be the perfect project for Meyers Manx LLC to take on.

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