BMW Individual Paint For M2 Competition Costs Civic Si Money

What a steal!

With an MSRP of $58,900, the BMW M2 Competition Coupe is currently the most affordable M model money can buy in the United States. It’s quite capable on the drag strip and makes a lot of sense for customers looking to spend less than $60,000 on a fast two-door vehicle. Apparently, that’s not what all M2 clients want as some of them are spending thousands on optional extras.

A new thread on BimmerPost shows there are indeed people who spend a fortune in order to make their new rides feel more special. Case in point, someone ordered his M2 Competition with the optional San Marino Blue Metallic paint, which costs – behold! – $24,800 on top of the base price. The only two other options he ordered were the Exclusive Package and a set of 763M design wheels plus tires.

Blue Or White, The M2 Competition Is Fast:

To put that number into perspective, users in the forum suggest one could do a really high-quality full-car wrap once every year in the next at least five years for that amount of money. Or, alternatively, you can buy a brand new Honda Civic Si, which starts at $24,300 and is a good daily driver. Another good option is to spend the money on aftermarket upgrades for the M2, like suspension, wheels, exhausts, new ECU software, and more.

A little research reveals the price is that high because BMW needs to ship the body of the car from its factory in Leipzig to another location where the special paint is applied. Then, once this process is done, the body returns to the main plant and the assembly procedures continue. Simply put, it’s not the paint alone that costs so much, but the shipping and logistics.

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