Best Tools to Fix Dents, Dings and Bangs

My first dent-pulling experience came as a teenager when the bumper of mom’s Dodge Neon somehow found itself hugging a pay phone post. The resulting dent proved too big for a mini suction cup-type puller, and still resisted a bigger version, finally popping out thanks to a slide hammer-type puller. Home dent pulling, or paintless dent repair, has come a very long way since then, and for as low as $13, products like these can handle all but the most heinous of dings, bangs, and crashes.

This set from BlueFire comes with 58 pieces for dents in all sorts of weird places. Mounts feature a rubber coating so you don’t damage more than you fix. All of the chemicals are non-toxic.

This inexpensive dent removal kit comes with a hammer and 9 pieces suitable for different types of dents. All of the bits are coated with polyformaldehyde to prevent scratching.

These dent rods from MMPP slip in between your panels to poke dents out from the inside. They come in varying lengths and widths, and the included air wedge separates the space between the window cavity.

This inexpensive puller from Coodio comes with 18 tabs for different sized dents. You’ll need a glue gun to stick the bits to the metal; let glue cool and pull away. Use alcohol to clean the repaired area.

This low-price aluminum set from MMPP only comes with the reusable bits that use glue to stick to your vehicle and the pull handle. It should be all you need for little imperfections.

If you’re more experienced, consider this body shaping and forming kit from ABN. You can shape flat or curved surfaces, and all the handles are made from red fiberglass for higher visibility.

This suction cup puller by Zuos can be used for dents—just place it over the problem area, pump the air out and pull—or for carrying large pieces of glass.

When all else fails, grab yourself a quart of Bondo. The two-part filler bonds to a broad range of surfaces, including metal. It cures fast and is sandable in 15 minutes.

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