Bed usage in vehicles violates seatbelt law – MIROS

Following the publication of our article on the dangers of unused safety features present in cars, the Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research (MIROS) has said that the usage of beds or similar articles in the rear seats are punishable according to the provision of law for seatbelt usage.

“The usage of beds in the rear of the vehicle for balik kampung journeys as publicised in social media is a prohibited practice, although some have cited comfort as reasons for its use. The trending act is very dangerous and is liable to fines for the non-usage of seatbelts,” said MIROS director-general Dr. Siti Zaharah Ishak as quoted by Utusan Online.

Additionally, human factors are among the causes of road incidents, which includes mobile phone usage while driving. This includes making phone calls without a hands-free device, using social media applications, as well as taking selfies or wefies while driving.

The dangers of unsecured vehicle occupants have been well documented, so please remember to buckle up before setting off on your journey. As always when on the road, stay alert, be considerate, and ensure your vehicle is well serviced and in optimum condition.

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