Aston Martin Reveals its First Racing Simulator Named the AMR-C01

Aston Martin took a look at the recent explosion in popularity of sim racing due to the covid pandemic and wanted in. As a result, the iconic British marquee partnered with a technology company called Curv Racing Simulators and designed the AMR-C01. Aston Martin used carbon fiber to build a monocoque style structure for its sim, with some bodywork beneath the screen and covering the pedal box.

Looking from the front, the carbon shape definitely stays true to Aston Martin’s design aesthetic, even though it’s effectively just a pedal box with a TV stand and a seat. Covering your feet is a subtly DB like front-end, which then warps around tightly against the also carbon, deeply bolstered race seat.

That seat is positioned to mirror the Valkyrie hypercar and, having never seen one in person, let alone sit in one, I can only assume Aston Martin nailed it. Overall, its way more attractive than my home built rig and would fit in well in a home filled with goods of the well to do.

The actual sim technology: steering wheel, pedal box, etc. comes from Curv and claimed to be high end on all fronts. Mounted on the steering motor is a Formula 1 style wheel with paddle shifting, nine different rotary dials and 12 push dials to give easy access to a wide variety of controls.

Curv uses Assetto Corsa software, which is one of very few rivals to the most common iRacing. Your view of the software comes courtesy of a very wide, curved screen, to give you a bit of wraparound effect and more immersive field of vision. Sound comes from either internal speakers or a Sennheiser headset.

Aston Martin only intends to build 150 examples of the AMR-C01 with a starting price of 57,500 pounds before tax, which converts to about $73,650 in today’s exchange rates. This being Aston Martin, of course there are several options of trims and color and the like. If you have interest in being one of 150, you can get more information at

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