ABT Sportsline's Audi RS4-S Is a 526 BHP Family Wagon

ABT Sportsline has tuned nearly every Audi in the marque’s line-up, and now it is the RS4 Avant’s turn. Presenting the ABT Sportsline Audi RS4-S, this tuned family-friendly five-door now pumps out 526 BHP and 680 Nm of torque, hitting 0-62 MPH in just 3.9 seconds before maxing out at 186 MPH.

The standard 2.9-liter turbo V6 has been tweaked ever-so-slightly by ABT Sportsline to help it produce this much power. By adding a new air intake and fettling with the ECU, the car is two-tenths of a second faster to 62 MPH than standard, and packs around 70 BHP more as well.

In addition to the power upgrades, ABT Sportsline has added height-adjustable springs and a set of anti-roll bars at the front and back of the car, helping it cope with its new-found oomph. Coilovers are also available for an extra $1,640 USD.

Elsewhere, we see a new front lip, front blades, arch vents, a carbon fiber-reinforced polymer-constructed rear spoiler, and a rear skirt insert, all featuring alongside the stunning new set of quad tailpipes that measure at 102mm apiece. They’re connected to a stainless steel exhaust system, which is sure to give the RS4-S a deep, burbling tone.

Altogether, ABT Sportsline has developed a wider, angrier-looking Audi RS4 that takes it from a practical family wagon, to a really fast, practical family wagon. The full conversion costs approximately $37,000 USD, with the optional top-spec 526 BHP upgrade costing an additional $4,800 USD, while the carbon gloss seat shells will set you back a further $4,100 USD.

Take a look at the ABT Sportsline Audi RS4-S in the gallery above, and learn more about the machine on ABT Sportsline’s website.

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