5-door Thar: Should it get a new name or retain the original nameplate

There are many speculations as to what this extended version of the Thar will be called, Armada being one such worthy name.

BHPian Hawkeye269 recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Test mules of the LWB, 5-door version of the Thar have now been spotted, with a possible launch date in 2023 sometime after next year’s Auto Expo.

Many Team BHPians (including me) are curious as to what this extended version of the Thar will be called, with many speculating that Armada would be a worthy name.

What is the general consensus here, based on pure speculation? Or rather, what would you like this extended, hard-top version of the Thar to be called?

  • Some old M&M jeep name plates but omits those name plates that (a) are overly utilitarian (Maxx), (b) have already been assigned to other models (Bolero), (c) don’t really suit the vehicle (Classic, Invader, Major), or (d) will attract lawsuits from other manufacturers (Commander).
  • Something based on Ladhaki geographical landmarks (where the vehicle is so much at home), or
  • A cheeky one aimed at MSL for not being nimble enough with the replacement for the Gypsy!

Here’s what BHPian Reinhard had to say on the matter:

Its dimensions and overall profile will look like the “COMMANDER” with aftermarket FRP hard top and doors . Albeit in a new generation avatar. Like the new Thar is the spiritual successor of the MM540/50. Definitely not the Armada. The Armada already has its next generations running around under the name of Bolero.

Here’s what BHPian kraken had to say on the matter:

It would be nice to see them restore the ARMADA brand. The ever so unmistakeable red and black stripes (on the old Armada) or the majestic silver Armada grand with its interesting front fascia had a prescence on the road. It was a 5 door utilitarian (4wd) + comfortable + kinda looks upmarket vehicle. Which the 5 door Thar is!

Here’s what BHPian shancz had to say on the matter:

Rann would be my pick going with the convention but Commander is good too.

On a lighter note I wouldn’t recommend naming it anything from Ladakh or the high mountains especially due to the DPF issues being reported. Wouldn’t make a good sight riding on a flatbed.

Here’s what BHPian comfortablynumb had to say on the matter:

The name Thar is an aberration in M&M’s vehicle nomenclature, which as we all know is fond of names ending in O/0. So methinks, they won’t let go of this opportunity to choose something on those lines.

So, on a lighter note, maybe the name Dodo could be a good choice, considering that ICE vehicles in general and Diesel vehicles in particular could soon be extinct due to the impending onslaught of EVs as well as the geniuses in the NGT.

Here’s what BHPian haribalram had to say on the matter:

Thar is as iconic as the Scorpio brand. A simple suffix would do the job for Mahindra:

  • Thar+.
  • Thar-A – The shooting star for Mahindra.
  • Thar-N – Rhymes with thorn, the off-road connection.

I suppose, M & M’s marketing team will acknowledge the T-BHPians that eventually get this right.

Here’s what BHPian RohaNN_kWh had to say on the matter:

I think giving the 5 Seater version a new name would be an injustice to the Thar brand. Thar is a brand easily recognised by every Indian.

Mahindra should introduce 5 Seater Thar as a model of current-gen Thar, just like the Land Rover Defender which has a 3-door (Defender 90) and a 5-door (Defender 110) version.

Thereby keeping the Thar brand as the sole hardcore offroading product offering from M&M, it’s not a name it’s a brand !!

Here’s what BHPian LOL_FWD had to say on the matter:

Saw this rendering on IG and the first thing that came to my mind was the Armada. If Mahindra is going with a square headlight treatment on the upcoming 5-door, I feel Armada would be apt. Else my vote is for Marshal.

Call me biased but i’ve spent a chunk of my childhood in Coorg. Seeing the old versions of mahindra vehicles around almost everyday and hearing the names again today is pulling major nostalgia strings on me. Plus seeing the success Ford and GM are having by bringing names like bronco and hummer back into business, it might work the same magic for Mahindra too.

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