30,000 km with a 2021 Toyota Fortuner: Overall mileage & service costs

For the last 2,000KM, mileage was around 13KMPL, majority of refill was with IOC Xtragreen.

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30K service update

Car had completed 28500KM/2 years since I purchased and thought of getting serviced bit early as I had time and busy days ahead. Also had pleasant experience at United Toyota Puttur earlier with Innova and decided to give Fortuner for service. Being Sunday, center was operating with limited staff and mine was the only car getting serviced. Other than 30K service had few other work to be done:

  • Wheel alignment/Balance. Car was pulling to left slightly.
  • Right shock absorber was making slight noise due to lack of lubrication. Have been using lot of pressure wash offlate and running is reserved mostly to weekends.
  • Minor rattle on driver door pad. Some wire was rubbing damping sheets.

Had given car at 9AM for service and was delivered at 4PM as promised. Service advisor took two test drives to ensure alignment was done well. The service center did not force any optional value added service which was nice. Despite being new and small center, technician was knowledgeable and was able to address issues.

Total cost came to 11640. Alignment/Balance charge was about 1.6K and GST another 2K. For a car costing upwards of 50L, I think charges are reasonable though not cheap. Air filter was around 2K, may be I could have avoided, but it was neither too dirty nor clean enough to continue for another 10K. Hence asked to replace.

Few other updates:

  • For last 2000KM, avg FE was around 13KMPL, majority of refill was with IOC Xtragreen.
  • Had an amazing drive with KA21 folks to Thirunelly. Location was fantastic and the drive even better.
  • Maintaining 30-32 PSi now and sometimes, especially on 4 lane highways find the ride bit soft. Ofcourse works better on bad roads.
  • Had to replace window chrome weather strip, The beading got cut accidentally while wrapping. Part costed 1K.
  • I get the Adblue refill warning at 4.5-5K mark. Car takes about 6-7L before overflowing.
  • Having full fledged service center at Puttur is a boon. Convenient, quick, slightly cheaper rates and friendly people.
  • Tires are holding quite well. Love the Bridgestone, performs well on tarmac and is adequate off-road(not exceptional). Will last easily another 20K If I look after them well.
  • Brake pads are 6mm thick and possibly will last another 10-20K KM. For a heavy Body on Frame AT, this is quite good.
  • Engine truly is a gem. Refined, torque monster, powerful, reasonably efficient,fun. Don’t know if this will score high on reliability(has been so far, touchwood), only time will tell.

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