24 Hours of Lemons Cybertruck Homage Nearly Indistinguishable From Real Thing

Homages and/or parodies of famous vehicles are much encouraged in the 24 Hours of Lemons race series, where I toil as a dignified and trustworthy official. We’ve seen everything from a Magnum P.I. Island Hoppers Vanagon to a Hardcastle and McCormick Coyote X to an Arrested Development airstair-mobile to a BMW-based Plymouth Superbird take to the race track. And last month a team converted a 1990 Ford Ranger into a somewhat credible replica of a Tesla Cybertruck for the Button Turrible race in California.

Team CYBERF***’D (sorry, we had to apply a bit of censorship here), based just a few miles up Interstate 880 from the Tesla Factory, obtained their Ranger and applied a bit of sheet metal here and some Lexan there, and the result was this. The team members hadn’t quite finished painting their “Cybertruck” by the time of the race inspections, but they got it ready in time for the green flag… after smashing a side window with a steel ball, of course.

Some genuine Tesla employees were on the track at that race (in a strangely quick Honda Insight), but their reactions to the faux Cybertruck were not recorded.

The CYBERF****’D machine wasn’t as slow as one might have expected, finishing a very respectable 24th out of 85 entries. Was that enough to beat the extremely quick Eyesore Racing FrankenMiata, shown here with the not-quite-a-Cybertruck? No, it was not (Eyesore finished in P5 overall), but Team CYBERF****’D took home the prestigious Organizer’s Choice award for their efforts.

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