2020 Mahindra Thar: Petrol vs Diesel

If you’ve fallen in love with the Thar, Mahindra sure has made things difficult for you by providing two very competent engines. If you read up the earlier Thar threads, you’ll see many BHPians who are confused between the petrol & diesel, while some even switched their booking from one engine to the other. Making matters trickier is the fact that there isn’t a substantial price difference between the two.

If you were to buy the Thar, which engine would you pick & why?

The 2.0L petrol is smooth & has 150 horses on tap. Power delivery is very linear in nature & the mid-range is good; those who prefer clatter-free motors will be drawn to it. Of course, Mahindra expects a lot of demand for the petrol variant from the Delhi-NCR region too. On the flip side, the petrol isn’t a high-revving motor at all (max revs of 5,500 rpm only) and is a gas guzzler, especially when mated with the 6-speed AT. You can read the full review here:

It’s easy to make a case for the Thar 2.2L diesel. In India, Mahindra Jeeps = Diesel, enough said. The Thar’s new diesel engine is impressively refined! The turbo-diesel is also very smooth & peppy. In fact, after spending time with it, I was hard-pressed to think why anyone would buy the petrol over this. Not like the Thar Petrol is substantially cheaper to buy either. The diesel will give you noticeably higher FE than the petrol, a longer tank range (important for highways & offroading) and durability (going by Mahindra’s long expertise with diesels). The diesel is my engine of choice for the Thar.

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