2019 NSRA 50th Street Rod Nationals…Lots of Corvettes

We are going to assume if you are reading this and checking out the accompanying photos you have at least a passing interest in Corvettes. It is August 1, 2019 and we are at the 50th Annual NSRA Street Rod Nationals.

Since we are pretty much diehard Corvette lovers we took some time to seek out a sampler of Corvettes on hand for this great event. As it turns out finding Corvettes here was pretty simple, there are plenty here to choose from, ranging from a 1961 Corvette pulling a large tear-drop camper (yes, you read that right) to Stingrays, C1,2,3,4 and even a very nice C6 for sale in the swap meet.

Yes, it seems Corvettes are everywhere which got us to thinking… there is simply no other car on the planet that is accepted at as many automotive venues as the great American Corvette. Car shows and cruise nights? No problem. Road racing? You’ll find Corvettes in the spectator lot and on the race track. Love drag racing? Same as the road course guys, there will be Corvettes on the spectator side and launching hard from the starting line. Concours? Sure enough, there’s always room for a couple Corvettes.

And so the Corvette is more than welcomed at the NSRA series of street rod events proving conclusively if you’re not having fun with your Corvette it just might be your own fault. Vette

Photography by Gerry Burger

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