2003 Toyota Corolla with 1.20 lakh km on the odo sold for Rs 60,000

At the time of the sale, one engine mount was worn out & hence there were some vibrations in the 18-year-old car’s cabin.

BHPian vigsom recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

Update as of Aug-2021 at 18 years of age and approx 1,20,000km

The blue Corolla that I once owned finally left the next owner after serving him faithfully for 9 years. He got approx INR 60k for the car, which was fair. In his period of ownership, the person who got the car from me had to do only the following:

  • Engine oil changes
  • AC compressor refurbish, and one change of tyres
  • Refitment of a link on the AT lever that came off

Status on the day of departure

  • No power steering fluid leaks
  • One worn out engine mount was causing vibrations in the cabin
  • Stock struts and shock absorbers
  • Lots of scratches on the bumpers but the paint finish was holding up very well
  • DEPO headlamps showed no sign of yellowing or cracking
  • Engine was flawless
  • All electricals working
  • Automatic transmission still on the original fluid with some top-up of T-IV fluid that I’d given him

When I parted with the car in 2012

When the next owner parted with the car after nine years of ownership in 2021

Here’s what BHPian AKSarkar1 had to say about the matter:

This iteration of the Corolla is extremely close to my heart since it was the car I learned driving on. There is a reason why Toyota can charge a bomb on their current cars these days and people yet pay for it without batting an eyelid and that is due to the heritage that cars like the Corolla have left in India. Back in the day, the heart wanted a Blue Corolla but the head made us go with a white. Looking at these pictures got back so many memories!

Here’s what BHPian AJITHAAA had to say about the matter:

Looks like the last owner was cutting corners on all four ends. Bumpers have taken a beating.

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