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If ever there were a car worth more than the sum of its parts, it's this Z28

By Cam Tait / Sunday, 28 August 2022 / Loading comments

To most of us, this looks like any old Chevrolet Camaro Z28 that’s been given a murdered-out makeover. Yet behind its menacing looks is not only a stunning build that strikes the perfect balance between performance and style, but also a story that shows just how a strong car community can be truly life-changing. 

After parting ways with his Mazda RX-7 following a serious accident, Graham (better known as Rogue86 in the forums) decided a change was in order. Despite a love of JDM machinery, a V8 muscle car proved to be an itch that needed scratching. Having scouted a 1974 Z28 with a 350 small block, Graham pulled the trigger and got to work on ironing out some of the gremlins. Reliability and safety took priority over outright performance, though a new exhaust system delivers a truly apocalyptic noise. (All from a small block!) 

It’s the communal side of the Camaro that leaves a lasting impression, though. Graham visited Ravenworks, a workshop run by a group of mates who all share an interest in American muscle, about a year ago to get their views on the Camaro. Since then, a dedicated community has formed, which sees V8 monsters, JDM drift machines and even the odd truck descend upon Ravenworks’ workshop every night – with Graham and his Z28 serving as the catalyst. 

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