Yet Another Fake Video To Hurt Tesla: TikTok Maker Apologizes

People are making fake videos about Tesla on social media to get views and followers.

A TikTok user named Ricco Kimborough recently posted a video to the platform that showed “his” Tesla Model S Plaid’s airbag unit falling apart in his hand. You can see the yoke is taken apart as well. 

Just yesterday, Whole Mars Catalog called out Jalopnik for posting a story about the video as if it were true. This happens all the time. Covering Tesla is hard since it’s nearly impossible to sort out what’s true and what’s made up. Tesla doesn’t have a PR team, so we can’t even reach out to the company for clarification or a related statement.

We often cover Tesla news as “rumors” even if it appears to be true. This is because it seems within hours or days, we learn that the reports were false or exaggerated. In some cases, they’re completely made up, however, mainstream media and select automotive outlets pick them up and quickly run with them as if they’re real, and it causes people to believe the fake news.

Even after many of these stories are proven to be false, the damage is done. Some media outlets rarely race to cover the corrected information or update their articles to admit they rushed to post something that now has been proven as fake.

Negative Tesla news generates massive clicks, and no one really seems to care about the positives or the updates that prove the story was false. Honestly, most people won’t even see the updated information since it doesn’t go viral like the original fake story.

Basically, Kimborough doesn’t own the Model S, and it wasn’t a car that was even delivered to a customer. Instead, he got into an unlocked Plaid at a Tesla delivery center and shot the video. He said in the apology video above as transcribed by Teslarati:

“This video is for Elon Musk. I love your product, sir, I do. I love your product. I had no idea, and I’m sorry from the bottom of my heart. I had no idea that I was not supposed to get into that vehicle because it was not locked at all. I just want to say, I apologize… This video went viral and I got a call from the actual police department saying that they don’t want me on their property… So this message is to Elon Musk… I’m sorry and I’m actually purchasing a Tesla. Got one on order.”

It seems clear the car wasn’t ready for delivery. While we don’t have all the details, and we refuse to report something that’s not yet known, it appears the car wasn’t yet prepped to be delivered to a customer.

Moreover, it would be absolutely nuts if Tesla tried to deliver this car to a customer with the yoke taken apart. This is not something a Tesla employee or a person taking delivery would simply overlook. Check out the original TikTok video below:

Whole Mars Catalog did take to Twitter today to tweet that Jalopnik updated its story. However, all the publication says is the guy didn’t own the car. Nothing about the car not being delivered with a faulty yoke and airbag, etc.

Check out the TikTok videos, as well as all the related Twitter threads. Then, let us know what you think about this situation, along with the many similar situations we’ve seen on social media and in the media lately related to Tesla.

Sources:Whole Mars Catalog (Twitter),Teslarati

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