Watch Tesla Model Y Drag Race Jeep Trackhawk: World's Quickest SUV Battle

We’ve asked time and time again if the Tesla Model Y is the quickest small crossover to date. Let’s find out.

Edmunds pits two of the world’s quickest SUVs against one another in this exciting video. It’s also pitting electric versus gas propulsion. Will the Tesla Model Y outclass the Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk?

Not long ago, we alerted you that Edmunds has gotten into the drag racing game. Sure, this isn’t the publication’s first racing video, but it hasn’t been Edmunds’ focus in the past. With the incredible performance of electric cars, and especially Tesla’s vehicles, it’s fitting to begin to cover this angle and show the world what EVs have to offer when it comes to performance.

We’ve read many articles that ask if the Tesla Model Y is the world’s quickest SUV. While the question sort of makes sense, it’s more of an attention-getter than reality. The Model X is arguably the world’s quickest SUVmuch quicker than the Model Y, and much more of an SUV than its smaller sibling (though many of you would rather call the Model X a crossover).

Likewise, and even more so, the Model Y is certainly more crossover material than an SUV. However, the lines are blurred nowadays, so many vehicles that people call SUVs are also called crossovers. It really all comes down to how you define the terms. Some would argue that a vehicle like the Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk is a “real” SUV.

Regardless of what you call these vehicles, the Model Y and Jeep Trackhawk are two of the quickest midsize crossover SUVs ever produced, which makes this one of the most interesting Model Y matchups we’ve seen to date. Check out the video to learn which one wins. Then, scroll down and leave us a comment.

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