Watch Tesla Model S Performance Vs Model 3 Standard In Unique 0-60 MPH Test

You aren’t likely to see this type of Tesla sibling speed comparison very often.

The Tesla Model S Performance is undoubtedly quicker than any Model 3. This is especially true of the Standard Range 3. However, we can honestly say we weren’t so sure which Tesla sibling would win this unique race.

For those unaware, Tesla vehicles have a feature called ‘Chill Mode.’ Tesla vehicles have incredible instant torque, and while it can be fun and even useful in some situations, it’s often unnecessary. Chill Mode makes acceleration more gradual, which is nice for just cruising along, and can also be a little easier on your passengers, not to mention your overall range.

In the video above, YouTuber Just Tesla tests out Tesla’s Chill Mode from zero to 60 mph in the Model S Performance and the Model 3 Standard Range with the feature engaged.

While you may find this, and many of our other race coverage a bit silly or excessive, let’s face it, racing videos are popular. Sure, EV lovers probably don’t need to watch a thousand Tesla drag races. We’re aware they get old. However, one of the top reasons we started sharing them years ago is to promote EV adoption. Some people who aren’t familiar with EVs (general automotive aficionados, car collectors, gearheads, racing lovers, etc.) don’t necessarily see or understand the potential of electric cars.

When we post a Tesla drag race, especially the many against gas-powered cars, it gets people’s attention. We find that many of the people visiting the site are new visitors that just happened upon the race coverage on social media. Hopefully, it introduces them to the potential of EVs and opens their eyes to the future.

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