Was Tesla’s Sentry Mode Involved In Recording This Attack?

BMW 3 Series driver scratched a Model 3 in a road rage episode

If you ever parked your car only to get back to it with a scratched door, you know how Cory Janney must have felt. He went with his wife to The Courtyard shopping center in San Diego, California and a BMW 3 Series driver nearly hit his brand-new Tesla Model 3 due to disregarding a stop sign.

Janney claims to have briefly honked his horn and parked soon after that to go to Best Buy. When he and his wife got back to the car, they found shavings on the ground and a deep scratch on the right front door of his Tesla.

What the perpetrator certainly did not expect was that his actions were caught on video. Tesla’s built-in dashcam (TeslaCam) recorded the event. While neither ABC nor Janney mentioned it, we would not doubt it if Tesla’s Sentry mode was also at involved.

We are not very familiar with the situation, but ABC 10 News says the BMW 3 Series driver will be charged with a felony. This is why they have blurred the guy’s face and reported that the police are seeking help in finding the suspect. Or, better said, the criminal.

Besides possibly having to face some jail time, the vandal will most certainly have to pay a big bill to have Janney’s Model 3 duly repaired. According to the news, the service will probably cost a few thousand dollars.

We now hope the police manage to arrest the BMW driver and wonder if the Sentry mode was involved in registering the images. What do you think? Was it only the dashcam? Did Sentry mode help catch another bad guy? Share your opinion with us in the comments below.

Video Description via ABC 10 News on YouTube:

A Tesla owner got a road-rage surprise after a quick shopping trip at a Best Buy store in Carmel Mountain Ranch.

Source: ABC 10 News via Teslarati

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