This Record-Setting Tesla Model S Has 900,000 Kilometers On Odometer

And the 1,000,000 km mark will likely be reached later this year.

Hansjörg Gemmingen, known in the EV world for setting the mileage record for the first-generation Tesla Roadster (620,000 km / 385,251 miles), just set another milestone, but this time in a Tesla Model S.

Gemmingen has already covered 900,000 km (559,350 miles) according to two images shared on July 14. The Model S P85 (one of the oldest versions) is reportedly running on its second battery pack. That’s a remarkable amount of miles for any car and few gasoline-engined cars would go that far without an engine replacement. What’s even more impressive is that someone actually drives this much and choose a Tesla to do so.

The Tesla High Mileage Leaderboard lists the top mileage Teslas and, as it turns out, Hansjörg Gemmingen holds two out of the top three spots, while Tesloop holds three in top five. There may be other high-mileage Teslas out there, but their mileage has not been reported on the leaderboard, so we can’t officially include them in this highest milage list.

Top known mileage:

And if you take a look below, you’ll see that several Tesla Model 3s are beginning to rack up quite the miles too.

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