Tesla Model X Off-Roading In The Mud: Video

Tesla Model X is completely unprepared to go off-road but it survived and did pretty well.

Tesla Model X 90D with stock tires, high suspension setting and slip start mode was recently tested off-road in the mud, steep hills, and sharp undulations by Out of Spec Motoring.

We must admit it looks scary sometimes and it’s hard to recommend risking such ae xpensive car to pass the obstacles. However, the Model X survived without damage it seems. The electric all-wheel drive and traction control cope pretty well.

Video Description via Out of Spec Motoring on YouTube:

Tesla Model X | Off-Road Deep in the MUD

Ben takes the Model X 90D off-roading while Kyle follows along with the camera. We encounter deep mud, steep hills, and sharp undulations.

The car had the stock tires on it, ride height set to the highest it would go, and slip start enabled at all times.

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