Tesla Model S Takes 135 kW Using CCS Combo 2 Adapter

The Tesla Model S 100D with CCS Combo 2 hardware and CCS adapter is ready to charge at 135 kW.

A Tesla Model S 100D owner in the Netherlands posted photos of DC fast charging at a Fastned station using a CCS Combo 2 adapter (after the car was retrofitted with hardware for CCS).

According to the description, the Model S was able to charge at a stable peak level of 135 kW (up to 45% state-of-charge).

“Tesla just installed the CCS adapter hardware in my Model S 100D. Time for a test on a @Fastned 175kW charger.

Charged this morning at @Fastned 135kW/365A until 45% SoC.”

Originally, the Tesla Model S could use 120 kW Superchargers in Europe, which after the upgrade should be good for 150 kW (new V3 Superchargers will go up to 250 kW, but only with the Model 3 for now).

The new Model S and Model X can charge from CCS Combo 2 chargers using an adapter without any retrofit.

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