Tesla Model S Raven Charging Power Tested At IONITY CCS: Video

Tesla Model S Long Range (Raven) charging power peaks at 142 kW using a CCS Combo 2 adapter in Europe.

Here is a charging test of the latest Tesla Model S – Raven (the Long Range Performance) at an IONITY fast-charging station using the Tesla CCS Combo 2 adapter conducted by Bjørn Nyland.

As it turns out, the 100 kWh battery in the latest revision “E” was able to get up to 143 kW out of an anticipated 150 kW maximum.

The peak power was higher than in case of previous tests of the Tesla Model X 100D (not Raven), which peaked at 131 kW. However, the Model X was able to complete 10-90% charging in 56 minutes, while the new Model S Raven needed 62 minutes.

Here are the results:

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