Tesla Model 3 Equals Best In Class in Euro NCAP Tests

Its results match those obtained by the Mercedes-Benz A-Class, the safest car tested in 2018

We already know that the Model 3 is one of the safest cars for sale in the world. But, as it had not been launched in Europe until very recently, Euro NCAP had not laid its hands on the car. Now, it did. And the tests from the European organization, some of the toughest in the world, confirm that the little Tesla wonder matches the very best cars ever tested by them.

The Model 3 offers exactly the same adult occupant protection of the Mercedes-Benz A-Class, the safest car tested by Euro NCAP in 2018. Both got a 96 percent result. On the safety assist topic, the Model 3 beats the A-Class with a 94 percent result, the best ever with the new standards, while the German hatchback scores 75 percent. When it relates to child protection and vulnerable road users, on the other hand, the little Mercedes gets better results: respectively 91 and 92 percent, against 86 and 74 percent of the entry-level Tesla.

It is important to note that the Model 3 tested was the Long Range RWD and that it did not present knee airbags nor side chest or side pelvis airbags for the rear passengers. This is possibly the cause of the relatively low result for child protection.

We are not sure if Tesla will be able to claim the Model 3 is the safest car ever tested by Euro NCAP, as it did with NHTSA tests, but Euro NCAP itself will be able to tell us, by the end of the year, if the EV will appear in its Best In Class ranking. While we wait, Tesla is probably very satisfied already to have heard “Maximum” Bob Lutz say the Model 3 has “excellent fit and finish”. Apart from pedestrians and other cars, the Model 3 probably did not see that coming…

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