Tesla Giga Shanghai: MIC Model Y Are Flooding Factory's Parking Lot

Let’s take a look at the site as of the end of 2020.

It’s been about two years since Tesla started Giga Shanghai construction in January 2019. During that period, the company has completed the MIC Model 3 production facility (within a year) and now also MIC Model Y (within the second year).

Now, as the Model Y enters series production, we can see that the parking for the new cars is getting overcrowded. As we understand, all the cars under cover are the Model Y.

Tesla Giga Shanghai is not yet complete. The company is continuing construction, adding undisclosed new buildings (mostly expansions/auxiliary) in the original area, as well as expanding on the east side into the farmland. Who knows, maybe there will be another phase for a third model? Soon there will be a new bridge at the site too.

And here are some more videos from WU WA:


The Chinese division of Tesla wishes Happy New Year:

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