Tesla Falls 250 Feet Off Cliff, All Four Passengers Survive

This certainly isn’t the first time we’ve seen a Tesla EV in such a horrific crash only to find out that while the car was obliterated, the people inside somehow survived. As you can see, the Tesla model plunged 250 feet off a cliff, leaving it almost unidentifiable, yet there were no casualties.

The Tesla had four passengers inside when it reportedly drove off the high cliff At Devil’s Slide, California. There were two adults and two children inside. First responders called it a miracle that anyone could survive such a crash. The adults had more critical injuries and were airlifted to the hospital. Meanwhile, the four- and nine-year-old children only had “mild to moderate” injuries.

According to reports, the crash occurred at 10:50 AM local time on Monday, January 2, 2023. The Tesla appears to have left the road on Highway 1 south of the Tom Lantos Tunnel. The authorities have made it clear at this point that Tesla’s automated driving technologies are not being blamed for the incident. Instead, it appears that the Tesla driver may have been proceeding too quickly to keep proper control of the car. 

The authorities assumed the worst after seeing the condition of the car, though they realized that there were, in fact, survivors, which prompted a quick rescue effort. The weather was bad, and it ended up being very challenging to get to the vehicles and get the injured passengers out. It required multiple helicopters and meticulous planning to keep rescuers safe from harm. The adults were taken to a trauma center, where they are currently recovering.

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