Spectacular Crash Caught By Tesla Model 3 Dashcam In Germany: Video

Dashcam again captures a rather spectacular wreck, this time in Germany.

The car is surely severely damaged, but luckily the driver is okay.

We’ve seen no shortage of Teslacam videos capturing wrecks here in the U.S., but now with the Model 3 arrival en masse in Europe, similar videos are starting to surface from overseas now too.

This particular video comes to us from Germany where the Teslacam on a Model 3 captures a very wild and quite scary crash.

According to the video uploader, his first reaction was to assist the driver out of his car and to safely get him to the side of the road. Afterward, the Tesla driver returned to his car to save the footage of the crash as evidence of what really occurred.

It’s hard for us to believe that the truck driver didn’t see the car, but according to the video description, this is a new interchange, which could perhaps explain why the truck driver wasn’t aware of the other vehicle.

Watch the clip above to see the crash caught on Teslacam.

Video description via on Armand Vervaeck YouTube:

The accident happened at sunset. A new highway was formed by the exits of 2 other highways. Thanks to my Tesla dashcam USB stick and my MacBook Air, I was able to show the German police what happened when they arrived on the scene. It clarified what happened in only a few moments. The video was emailed to the German police later that night.

First thing I did was helping the driver out of his car and helping him to the side of the road. Did ask him if he was OK and only after he affirmed it I returned to my car and clicked on the camera to save the last 10 minutes of dashcam video on my usb stick.

The ambulance people urged him to go to the hospital anyway. I think a good decision. The highway was completely closed for almost an hour. I do want to express my gratitude to the German police, Fire Brigade and Ambulance people who arrived at the scene with 2 or more vehicles to secure the situation.

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