Sandy Munro Defends Tesla In The NHTSA Controversy

Sandy Munro has one of the more balanced views on Tesla that we’ve heard so far – he praises the automaker for its achievement, but he also points out where it’s not doing such a good job and where there’s room for improvement. And there’s nobody else that we know of who really takes the time to see what’s under these cars’ skins, so his point of view matters because it’s informed.

He recently uploaded a video on his channel, Munro Live, where he shares on his side of the story when it comes to the recent National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (the NTHSA) versus Tesla situation. In case you don’t know what that’s about, the NHTSA is about to get a new senior adviser for safety, Missy Cummings, who has voiced criticism against Tesla’s Autopilot and Full Self-Driving systems in a paper she published in August.

Cummings does have an impressive career behind her – she’s a computer science and engineering professor at Duke University, but many believe US President Joe Biden is appointing her because she has a bias against Tesla and thus she will help with slowing Tesla down and allowing other manufacturers to catch up to its level of tech. We won’t make any comments about that, but Sandy does and he is very critical of the move in the video posted above.

He makes an analogy to football, saying this situation is like saying to the leading team to back off in order for others to have time to catch up. The tone of the monologue is not a relaxed one – Sandy really seems to have very strong opinions on this, which he details and argues in favor of.

Source:Munro Live / YouTube

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