Report Claims Tesla Model Y 3rd Row Is Cramped & Lacks Car Seat Anchors

If the seats are tight, people may use them for kids. However, without LATCH anchors, it limits options for securing car seats.

Tesla has finally launched the 3-row 7-seat Model Y, but there’s still limited information available. We can’t find any published measurements on Tesla’s website. The automaker has provided one photo and a video, but neither are very revealing.

Regardless, there’s enough information out there to assume that the Tesla Model Y’s optional third-row seats are tight. It doesn’t come as a surprise, and it’s not much different than many rivals.

Compact SUVs aren’t known for having spacious third-row seats. In fact, only two mainstream compact crossovers come standard with a third row: The Volkswagen Tiguan and Mitsubishi Outlander. Both are cramped. Aside from these vehicles, a few luxury compact SUVs offer an available (cramped) third row, but that’s it.

Moving to midsize SUVs, a category Tesla claims the Model Y fits into, some have adult-sized third rows, but it’s not the norm. So, we could argue that the Model Y’s cramped third row is not as big of an issue as people are making it, especially since they probably plan to use those seats for small children. The problem, however, is there’s apparently no LATCH seatbelt anchor system in the Model Y’s third row.

The LATCH system is a must, especially with Tesla’s continued assertion that it makes the safest vehicles on the planet. LATCH isn’t necessarily proven to be the best option for securing car seats in all cases, but people should have the option. If there is no LATCH system, they don’t get to choose. Fortunately, the Model Y’s second row does have LATCH.

Tesla Motors Club member GOFORIT5 recently headed to a Tesla store in Newport Beach, CA to see the 3-row Model Y firsthand. At 5 foot 7 inches tall, he said his head almost touched the glass roof when he sat in the third row. As expected, he said third-row legroom is tight. You can open up more space by sliding the second-row seats forward, but then second-row legroom is cramped.

Our biggest concern here is we’ve read many reports online of people planning to buy the 7-seat Model Y since they need room for their whole family. More specifically, they’ve said it doesn’t matter if the rearmost seats are cramped, since they just plan on using them for small children. Without the LATCH system, this is an issue since people who plan to use it to secure car seats won’t have the option. Even worse, we have no indication that Tesla has shared this important piece of information publicly. It’s definitely something that buyers could overlook.

To learn more about GOFORIT5’s impressions and see photos, follow the source link below. In addition, you can visit Tesla Motors Club for the original thread.


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