How About Some 2020 Tesla Roadster Wheels For Your Model 3?

You can’t get the new Tesla Roadster yet, but you can get its amazing wheels.

If we were forced to pick a YouTuber and EV fanatic that is the most immersed in Tesla as a whole, and especially aftermarket products, DIY projects, and the like, Erik Strait would come to mind above any others.

We’ve shared his Tesla showroom garagehomemade Supercharger, wraps, feature tests, and a long list of product installations and reviews. Now, he’s installed some striking new wheels on his Tesla Model 3.

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In Strait’s latest video, he shows off his brand-new 2020 Tesla Roadster wheels, which he personally installed on his Tesla Model 3. Yes, Strait generally does most of the work himself. Not only might this inspire Tesla owners to save money and install upgrades themselves, but the videos also help aid with the process.

It’s important to note that these sweet wheels are not actually made by Tesla, but they look relatively similar to the real deal. You can get yourself an “EVR ‘ROADSTER STYLE’ WHEEL FOR TESLA MODEL 3 & TESLA MODEL S” from EVWheel Direct for $440 per wheel. Or, choose a package of all four with a “MICHELIN PILOT SPORT 4S TIRE PACKAGE,” for a total of $3,380. Simply follow the links in the video description below.

Video Description via DAErik on YouTube:

2020 Tesla Roadster Wheels For My Model 3!

EV Wheel Direct Roadster Style Wheels:……

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