Delivery Bottleneck Puts Tesla Q2 Sales Record Into Question

Tesla is running out of time to deliver all the cars ordered to set a new quarterly record.

Tesla is on a mission to set a new record of quarterly deliveries (globally), but it ain’t gonna be easy as the company encountered delivery bottlenecks.

Electrek reports that deliveries in North America stand so far at 49,000 and another 12,000 cars are ordered. Together with deliveries in Europe and China, it could be a strong result, but not necessarily the record.

The thing is that Tesla aims for 33,000-36,000 deliveries in June alone, while Electrek’s sources say only 22,000 were completed with 5 days to go. Some 5,000 out of 12,000 orders are not yet scheduled.

Whatever the end result will be, around 90,000 per quarter should translate to avoiding net losses, or at least minimize it, compared to Q1.

Source: Electrek

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