BMW Previews Vision M Next Electric Sportscar

BMW today previewed the Vision M Next which offers a foretaste of the BMW M brand’s electrified future and yes, this one places the driver right at the centre of all the action. Hosting the exclusive world premiere of the BMW Vision M NEXT is the new NextGen infotainment platform at BMW Welt. The BMW Vision iNEXT and BMW Vision M NEXT Vision Vehicles represent prototype versions of BMW’s future experience concepts ‘Ease’ and ‘Boost’. Ease encompasses all the experiences during a journey when the vehicle assumes the task of driving, so maximum comfort for users while Boost is all about the ultimate active driving experience.

The BMW Vision M Next draws its inspiration from the iconic BMW Turbo and of course the i8 plug-in hybrid. It’s low-slung, has a wedge-shaped silhouette, gets gullwing doors and a striking colour scheme while maintaining its sports-car proportions. The front and rear ends are finished in the matt-neon shade orange, producing a vivid contrast against the exterior’s otherwise silver metallic paintwork.

The BMW Vision M Next gets gullwing doors

The signature BMW kidney grille is flanked on either side by triangular elements which are painted in orange. The triangular elements accentuate the air intakes at the sides and the integral headlights. The headlights are positioned on the outer edges of the front end, higher up than the kidney grille. Arranged one above the other rather than side by side and that gives it BMW’s classic four-eyed front end. The black side skirts are made from recycled carbon fibre and make the car look even lower on the road.

The BMW Vision M Next gets the signature BMW kidney grille is flanked on either side by triangular elements which are painted in orange

Domagoj Dukec, Vice President BMW Design, said, “The BMW Vision M NEXT is a progressive hybrid sports car that makes a very clear and confident statement, in terms of both appearance and interaction. Where the BMW Vision iNEXT illustrated how autonomous driving is set to transform life on board our vehicles, the BMW Vision M NEXT demonstrates how state-of-the-art technology can also make the experience of driving yourself purer and more emotionally engaging. In both models, the focus is firmly on the people inside. Design and technology make the ‘EASE’ and ‘BOOST’ experiences more natural and more intense,”

The BMW Vision M Next can do a 0-100 kmph sprint in 3 seconds

The Vision M Next offers the choice between electric all-wheel drive and pure rear-wheel drive, with either all-electric propulsion or the power of a turbocharged four-cylinder petrol engine. The output stands at 591 bhp and it has a top speed of 300 kmph. 0-100 kmph is done in just under 3 seconds. There is also a BOOST+ mode that puts extra power on tap at the push of a button. The maximum range when driving in all-electric mode is 100 km.

The rear wheels on the BMW Vision M NEXT measure 22 inches in diameter, making them one inch larger than the front wheels (21 inches) and that gives the car a lovely stance. The design of the rear window takes its cue from the BMW M1. The three-piece louvres are made from glass and emphasise the horizontal focus of the rear-end styling. The rear lights feature the same Laser Wire technology used for the headlights. The two-dimensional reinterpretation of the distinctive pair of BMW roundels from the BMW Turbo and BMW M1 – a gift to BMW aficionados – gives them the impression of floating in the rear lights’ transparent lenses.

The BMW Vision M Next also comes with facial recognition technology

There’s also facial recognition technology in the Vision M Next and his allows the car to unlock automatically as the driver approaches. Pressing the touch sensor on the gullwing doors prompts them to swing open. The cabin is minimalist and revolves entirely around the actively engaged driver, both stylistically and technologically. The seat shells form part of a seat sculpture with a flowing design. They are upholstered in a foam material with shape memory properties that moulds itself to, cushions and supports the body to optimum effect.

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